What are the differences between the Law Firm Plus, Law Firm, Pro and Limited accounts?

'Law Firm Plus' account - suitable for large-to-mid size firms

The 'Law Firm Plus' account option - for multiple users at the same firm - allows firm's to manage their users on the eBrief Ready platform (for example transfer matters if someone leaves the firm or is away sick). It also provides firms with their own branded, customised landing page and email template for sharing matters, as well as access to Single Server Sign On (SSON) and assistance with firm compliance requirements, and all of the features contained within the other account options.

One of the other benefits of the 'Law Firm Plus' account is that for every full paying user on the account, firms can have an extra ‘view only‘ user. Click here to learn more about this feature. 

'Law Firm' account - suitable for small-to-mid size firms

The 'Law Firm' account option - also for multiple users at the same firm -allows firm's to manage their users on the eBrief Ready platform, as well as providing a branded, customised landing page and email template for sharing matters. In addition, this account option includes training and invoice billing. 

'Pro' account - suitable for individual solicitors

The Pro license is designed for sole practitioners or individuals within a law firm. If there is only one user at your firm, you can be set up with an eBrief Ready Pro subscription - which costs $30 per month (ex GST, based on an annual subscription).

A 'Pro' account gives you access to the full functionality of the Pro version, including the ability to share matters externally, and also give your invited recipients free access to Pro functionality for the matter. 

'Limited' account

The 'Limited' account type permits the creation of matters, but document uploading is disabled until the matter is associated with another subscribed party.

If you hold a 'Limited' account, duplicating a matter is not possible, regardless of the subscription status of any associated parties.

This account level does not have an administrative module. Consequently, you cannot assign matters to colleagues, deactivate users, or reassign matters if a user departs from the firm, potentially resulting in unmanaged matters.

In summary, without a subscription, you maintain access to your data; however, you are restricted from:

  • Uploading documents to matters you initiate
  • Compiling Court Books/Briefs
  • Conducting document searches
  • Annotating documents

Can I see a breakdown of the account options?

For reference, view the account pricing options here.