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What is a Multiparty Matter, and can I transfer an existing matter to Multiparty?

What is a 'Multiparty Matter'?

A 'Multiparty Matter' should be used when you are sharing a matter with opposing parties, a mediator or the courts. We have improved the way Multiparty Matters function so they can be used more effectively in multi-party disputes.

A Multiparty Matter essentially has two document areas, the first being a shared area from which briefs and court books can be created, as well as a new private dedicated work area for each party.

Watch this short video which explains the benefits of Multiparty Matters in more detail. 

Migrating an existing matter to 'Multiparty'

You can easily migrate any existing matters which you have previously created to 'Multiparty' by following a couple of simple steps.

If you have an existing moderated matter, then you will need to first use the 'Copy Matter' function and copy it to yourself.

If the matter is not moderated, you can skip the previous step. Take a copy of an existing matter, select the option, copy to myself, enable Multiparty, and enter your party name. Then click the 'Copy' button.

This short video explains the process further. 

Note: You can only create a multiparty matter if you have a subscription with eBrief Ready